Why ESAI for Medical Transcription is the solution?...because we meet or exceed your requested turn-around times!

ESAI has been providing transcription services to numerous hospitals and clinics throughout the country since 1990 and prides itself not only on the experience and professionalism of our transcription staff, but on being able to meet the needs of medical professionals at all institutions we have served. Whether you need transcription for an outpatient single physician practice, a multi-physician clinic, a network of physician clinics or a hospital setting, ESAI works with you to develop the most efficient method for dictation and transcription delivery.

  • Quality transcription that comes from our association with the Medical Transcription Industry Alliance and ESAI's Quality Assurance standards
  • Qualified and certified medical transcriptionists: Our transcriptionists have comprehensive backgrounds in transcription
  • Experienced, our transcribers have an average of over 25 years industry experience
  • Confidentiality at all times, we strictly adhere to HIPAA Privacy Act law
  • Dedication to our customers so that their transcription is done on time, accurately and utilizing the best method for each client
  • Saving Time and Money by allowing ESAI to manage your transcription instead of hiring additional personnel and maintaining space and resources
  • Peace of Mind knowing that your focus will be on your healthcare practice, not on tracking down your transcription
  • Leverage technology so that we can serve you, regardless of geography
  • Improve your Transcription Process and Quality